Fall 2016

Mockingbird Challenge: UC Davis over Fordham, Campbell and Florida State Semi-Finalists

University of Florida Civil: Fordham over Texas Southern, Florida Coastal and UCLA Semi-Finalists

Golden Gate In Vino Veritas: American over California-Hastings, Drexel/Kline and Stetson Semi-Finalists

Lone Star Classic: Loyola, Los Angeles over Maryland, Chicago-Kent and South Carolina Semi-Finalists

Stetson National Pretrial Competition: Mississippi College over Regent, Miami and John Marshall Atlanta Semi-Finalists

Michigan NTAC: Houston over St. Mary’s, Brooklyn and Cumberland Semi-Finalist

Buffalo NiagaraFlorida State over Pacific McGeorge, Charlotte and St. John’s Semi-Finalists

Kelly Competition: Yale over Georgetown, George Washington and University of New Mexico Semi-Finalists

National Civil Trial Competition: Stetson over Campbell, Pacific McGeorge and Washington University Semi-Finalists

Tournament of Champions: Drexel/Kline over Cal Western, Chicago-Kent and Loyola, Los Angeles Semi-Finalists

William Daniel: Georgia State over South Texas, Florida State and Loyola Chicago Semi-Finalists

St. John’s Civil Rights: William & Mary over South TexasAmerican Semi-Finalists

QuinnipiacSt. Johns over Hofstra, Fordham and Brooklyn Semi-Finalists

Puerto Rico: Florida over UMKC, John Marshall Chicago and Barry Semi-Finalists

Charlotte Carolina Trial Competition: South Carolina over Maryland

QDAO Mock Trial Competition: First Place, Buffalo. Second Place, St. John’s. Third Place, Elisabeth Haub/PACE

CACJ (California Attorneys for Criminal Justice): Widener over Pacific McGeorge

Georgetown White CollarNYU over Chicago Kent, Houston and William & Mary Semi-Finalists

ABA Employment Law Regionals

Los Angeles: Pepperdine over Chapman, Pepperdine and San Diego Semi-Finalists
D.C.: William & Mary over Georgetown
New York: Rutgers over Brooklyn, Fordham and Seton Hall Semi-Finalists
San Francisco:

Please send competition results to Joe Lester at jlester@faulkner.edu or text him at 205-747-8436.